Who is House of Nigh?

Hey there, thanks for coming by! Whether you came here to get behind the scenes on our brand or you’re currently in pursuit of the next challenge, we’re glad you’re here.

Established in 2015 by our founder, Cayden Nigh, House of Nigh is a luxury sportswear clothing brand that’s built to last.

Our mission at House of Nigh is to lead the revolution of luxury sportswear. We’re synthesizing street fashion, sustainable practices, and the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle into a cohesive whole. 

We live in search of the next challenge to overcome and want to push you to do the same. House of Nigh wants you to go beyond and thrive in the pursuit of making each day better than the last.

What makes House of Nigh different from other luxury sportswear brands?

Our team at House of Nigh spent over five years in product development and research before we released our first capsule collection. 

Why the wait? Because we’re obsessed with the idea of perfection. 

We never want to achieve it, but we push every day to improve, to challenge ourselves to beat our personal best. House of Nigh will never be satisfied with “enough” and neither should you.

How House of Nigh works to help the environment

We at House of Nigh want to empower you to live a sustainable lifestyle, and that includes the clothes you wear. 

We share the crumb trail of where all of our textiles and fabrics come from and why things fit your body. Our packaging is made from recyclable or biodegradable materials (because not all recycling ends up where it should).

House of Nigh uses enzyme-washed processing which creates an authentic vintage luxury sportswear look and feel without ruining the environment. We even use algae and water-based inks to ensure a better print that’ll last longer without using toxic chemicals.

House of Nigh luxury sportswear values

Lastly, House of Nigh makes sure everything is done as close to one area to minimize our carbon footprint. That means we partner and communicate with textile manufacturers who employ the scientific development for sustainable fabrics and production in North America.

Partner and communicate with textile manufacturers who employ scientific development for sustainable fabrics and production

House of Nigh explores new ways to produce better garments without sacrificing quality, morality, or the environment. We’re constantly expanding our knowledge on how we can create a sustainable product for you (a challenge we’re always taking head-on).

House of Nigh luxury sportswear vintage grey crew neck tshirt

How you’ll feel wearing House of Nigh

You don’t sacrifice who you are when you’re at work, out on the town, or hitting the gym—your fit should reflect that.

We create products that will stand the test of time that you can wear during training and also make you feel great. Our apparel isn’t just for the gym and once you wear House of Nigh luxury sportswear, you’ll get why.

When a package from House of Nigh arrives on your doorstep, you’ll pick it up and immediately have a sense of pride in what you bought. Not just because of the knowledge you’re helping the environment and making your own steps toward sustainability, but that these garments will be a staple in your wardrobe.