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House of Nigh is a luxury sportswear label established in 2015 by owner, Cayden Nigh. Growing up, Nigh was constantly around extreme sports such as highlining, base jumping and mountain biking. Nigh himself grew up skateboarding in Moab where he was raised. According to Nigh, everyone around him in Moab, including his family, sought to pursue their dreams. When he was just 19, he decided to make Denver his home and started a small coffee shop with family and a friend.

“This was a massive challenge but taught me a lot about how I wanted to spend the rest of my time — spoiler, it wasn’t doing that! Since then, I’ve spent time exploring passions and what really clicks with me as a person,” explained Nigh. “Ultimately, I was lucky enough to discover design and brand philosophy through apparel.”

In elementary school, his initial love for design appeared right before his eyes. According to Nigh, a CCS (skateboard) catalog instantly grabbed his attention when his friend pulled it out. “Coming from a small town with nothing more than a drugstore for your back to school clothes shopping, it grabbed my full attention,” said Nigh. “I went home that day and begged my mom for a catalog subscription and a skateboard!”

Nigh then developed a keen eye for design and how it encapsulates people in more ways than one. As a child, he enjoyed showing his personality through his clothing. He appreciated that he could express himself using visuals rather than words. Nigh considers his passion for design to be growing and flourishing as each new day approaches.

Although House of Nigh started as a creative outlet, according to Nigh, it became a full-time project full of passion. “We unintentionally yet organically gravitated towards the luxury market. It’s paramount for us to be fully confident and transparent with our construction and create pieces we would wear every day. We do this through material development, moral standards and our content development,” stated Nigh. “I couldn’t be more proud of what we’re creating.”

In December 2020, House of Nigh released its first capsule. It was years of development in the making that brought the brand to this point. The end product was well worth the immense work and dedication.

The true aesthetic of the label is “grunge-chic” according to Nigh. However, there is much more to this brand words simply can’t describe. “Our current heaviest influence is from the 1960s boxing and weightlifting era. You can see this reflected in some of our bold, almost ‘penitentiary’ style graphic design. Our enzyme washed pieces possess a unique, worn-in ‘vintage’ look and feel. We pair this grit with stark, clear-cut content. While remaining heavily stylized, it keeps its minimal edge,” said Nigh.House of Nigh hoodie

Although there have been many rewards throughout this journey for the team, there have definitely been some challenges. Each design undergoes thorough dissection to get to a place where it matches just what the brand envisions.

“House of Nigh’s most challenging hurdle is producing a clear vision of inspiration through true minimality. It is a constant chess game per design — but probably my favorite part of our aesthetic. We feel truly blessed with a special team that wears their own pieces flawlessly,” explained Nigh.

Through trial and error of various textiles and textile weights, the first capsule came to life. Heavyweight cottons and brushed fleece from North America were some of the final materials for the base collection. Furthermore, a concise fit was perfected so people of many shapes and sizes could experience each and every design. “Our first capsule was built with our foundation pieces. This was created as a collection that would stay permanent to our design and brand philosophy. We hope to portray all of our inspirations in a subtle yet straightforward way,” stated Nigh.

House of Nigh has something unique to offer whether it’s from fabrics, responsibly sourced goods or a decent price. “I can confidently say we are on the cusp of perfecting a truly special and unique aesthetic while resonating strongly with our division,” said Nigh.

The brand is built on sustainable and ethical practices, making it a local remedy for the negative effects the fast fashion industry is known for. Nigh uses organic cotton, recycled packaging and water-based, algae ink for screen printing — through local business, Denver Screen Print and Embroidery. He also reduces the brand’s carbon footprint in order to preserve the environment in all aspects of the business. “Furthermore, we incorporate solar power, and use no water or acid and bleaches — while creating no greenhouse gasses or emissions,” added Nigh. In addition, the brand has had success in sustainability within the mailing market. “All packaging is fully recyclable or compostable. It is made from anything including recycled paper to a special mailer made from limestone quarry waste,” Nigh explained.

“Fashion is at a turning point. We, as people, care who makes our textiles, who is stitching them and what our carbon footprint consists of. This is a big question we, as an entity, had to answer so as not to fall into the allure of fast fashion. Proudly, every single element of House of Nigh is ethical,” explained Nigh.

The brand as a whole has a statement they stand with and want to present to everyone out there. As we encounter obstacles and go through hurdles day after day, House of Nigh wants the community to find strength through it all.

“This is a defining reason boxing and weightlifting encapsulate us so well. Involvement in both sports personally is a challenge every day. Moreover, to give your best effort to something, even if it is your passion. We are here to give you that extra push. Try something new today,” stated Nigh.

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