House of Nigh’s mantra was developed from the pursuit for the hand of challenge. As a company, we find perseverance through purpose. To seek and embrace such challenge as the struggle in itself, breeds growth, is our message to you. For us, nothing is more important than philosophy and design, and where the two meet is where the story of House of Nigh begins.

As intentional as we are in our design philosophy, so too are we in our moral responsibility. House of Nigh proudly exists on a platform of sustainability and fair trade. Everything from our packaging and promotional materials, to our textiles and printing techniques are ethically sourced and responsibly produced in North America. House of Nigh is not a fast fashion company. We take pride in the longevity of the products. For us, it’s just as important that each piece holds up through physical wear and tear, as it does the test of time, as an enduring garment for years to come.

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